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Water Valve Locking Device

Secures a Variety of Water Valves


The Water Valve Locking Device provides utility companies with a rugged means to secure shut-off valves. The Water Valve Locking Device features a heavy duty shackle that offers 9 different adjustment positions for easy installation on a variety of straight and 90 degree valves. This innovative locking device gives water utilities a valuable tool to secure their distribution system, protect revenues, and enhance their shut-off and credit and collection procedures.

U.S. Patent 8,955,540

Water Valve Locking Device


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Features and Benefits


• Economical and tamper resistant
• Secures and protects most 1/2" and 3/4" straight or 90 degree valves
• Heavy duty carbon steel construction
• Shackle offers 9 adjustment positions to fit a variety of valves
• Case hardened assembly resists cutting
• Plated for corrosion resistance
• Accepts short length barrel locks

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Additional Water Valve Lock Images

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The Water Valve Locking Device secures a variety of 1/2" - 3/4" straight or 90 degree valves.

The heavy duty shackle offers 9 different adjustment positions to achieve the most secure fit.

The locking mechanism freely rotates around a hardened pin making it easy to insert the barrel lock and secure the device.

Water Valve Lock Installed


Freely Rotating Body