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Secures Wing Style Water Valves from Unauthorized Opening


The combination of the Inner-Tite Barrel Lock and End Cap provides utilities with an economical way to securely lock wing style water valves in the closed position to prevent unauthorized opening. Barrel locks and End Caps are available in stainless steel or case hardened carbon steel. All End Caps are designed to compliment any Inner-Tite standard length or short length barrel lock including the Agbay Barrel Lock, Inner-Tite's premium high security barrel lock and key system.

Barrel Locks and End Caps


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Features and Benefits


• Economical means to secure a variety of wing style water valves
• Heavy duty construction
• Carbon steel barrel locks are case hardened to resist cutting and sawing
• Stainless steel barrel locks are highly corrosion resistant
• End Caps feature two lock ball grooves to provide adjustability
• Fits wing style valves

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Additional Flared Wing Valve Lock Images

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The use of a barrel lock and end cap is an effective means to secure wing style shut-off valves.

End Caps are compatable with every Inner-Tite barrel Lock including short lngth barrel locks.

The use of a Preloaded Barrel Lock with an End Cap provides an easy, keyless means to secure a variety of valves.

Lock/End Cap Installed

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