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Agbay Barrel Lock and Key System

Premium Security Barrel Lock and Key System


The Agbay Barrel Lock and Key System is Inner-Tite’s premium security barrel lock and key. The Agbay Barrel Lock and Key System offers utility companies the ultimate in protection by providing a virtually pick-proof security combined with a reliable, easy-to-use design. The Agbay System also features preload capability. Agbay Preload allows users to “preload” the barrel lock in a compatible locking device and then simply push on the lock to finalize installation. No key is needed to lock the Agbay Preload.

U.S. Patents

7,703,311 • 7,775,071 • 8,365,559

8,925,360 • Mexico Patent 279,720

Agbay Barrel Lock and Key System


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Features and Benefits


• Patented, premium security barrel locks with superior tamper resistance
• Exclusive key combinations for every purchasing utility
• Up to six security levels available offering maximum versatility
• Agbay Preload Barrel Locks provide fast keyless installation
• Agbay One Hand Anti-Rotation Key offers easy and convenient installation
   or removal of the barrel lock
• Barrel locks are available in standard or short lengths, manufactured
   from carbon steel or stainless steel

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Agbay Barrel Lock and Key System - Additional Features

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Six Exclusive Levels Reserved for Utilities

Every Agbay Lock and Key System combination has six security levels built-in. The initial purchase level (Level 1) is designed to be opened by higher level keys. Level 1 keys will not be operable in higher level locks. This allows for seamless security upgrades of the initial locks if it becomes necessary.

Agbay One Hand Anti-Rotation Key

The Agbay One Hand Anti-Rotation Key provides a convenient and user friendly solution for installing or removing the Agbay Barrel Lock when working in confined spaces that do not allow for two-handed lock operation. U.S. Patent 8,365,559.

Agbay Preload - U.S. Patent 7,775,071

The Agbay Barrel Lock is now available in a Preload version. This patented option allows the barrel lock to be placed in compatible locking devices in a "ready" position prior to field installation. The Agbay Preload Lock can then be fully installed in the locking device by simply pushing on it with your thumb or finger. No Key is required to install the barrel lock.

Agbay Contractor - U.S. Patent 7,703,311

Agbay Contractor offers utility companies a special Agbay Key that will lock, but never unlock the Agbay Barrel Lock. This allows utilities to distribute Agbay keys without jeopardizing the integrity of their key security program.