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Barrel Locks & Keys


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Plunger Style Barrel Locks and Keys

for Telecommunication Utility Companies


Inner-Tite manufactures a wide range of Barrel Lock and Key Systems that are designed for security, high performance and long life. All Inner-Tite plunger style barrel locks feature critical security elements engineered to provide utility companies with a greater level of protection than other manufacturers offer. Inner-Tite barrel lock marketing policies provide customers an array of locking solutions offering multiple options and security levels.


All Inner-Tite barrel locks and keys are sold and shipped directly to utility companies.

CTV Lock and Key


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Features and Benefits


• Carbon steel or stainless steel construction
• Available in standard (long) or short length
• Engineered for superior tamper resistance
• Multiple lock configurations available
• Manufactured from high quality domestic materials
• Plated for corrosion resistance
• Available with an Internal Weather Seal
• All barrel lock keys contain serial numbers

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Internal Weather Seal

The Inner-Tite Internal Weather Seal provides superior long term protection against moisture, dirt, bugs and other foreign matter.

Internal Weather Seal

Plunger Style Barrel Locks for Telecommunications Utilities

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CTV Lock and Key Channel Lock and Key
CTV Barrel Lock
Channel Barrel Lock

Barrel Lock Acessories

Barrel Lock Accessories

Inner-Tite offers a variety of Barrel Lock Accessories designed to extend the service life and enhance the security of your barrel locks.