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Fas'N Tite Padlock

Multiple Application Preloaded Padlock


The Fas'N Tite Padlock is a medium security replacement for ordinary padlocks. The Fas'N Tite Padlock uses a standard length barrel lock allowing it to easily be integrated into the utility company's existing barrel lock and key system. The patented preload groove allows the barrel lock to be placed in the "ready" position, for quick, keyless installation. The Fas'N Tite is constructed of durable rugged steel and plated to provide excellent long term resistance to the effects of weathering and corrosion.


U.S. Patent 8,186.186

Fas'n Tite Padlock


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Features and Benefits


• Low cost security anywhere a padlock is used
• Patented preload feature for easy keyless installation
• Compact design is lightweight and easy to carry
• Case hardened carbon steel hasp for superior resistance to cutting tools
• Tough, durable carbon steel housing
• Optional serial number offers traceability
• Plated for corrosion resistance

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Additional Fas'N Tite Padlock Images

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The Fas'N Tite Padlock is an excellent alternative to general purpose padlocks which use keys that can easily be duplicated.

The Fas'N Tite Padlock features preload capability allowing for installation without the need for a key.

The Permanent Sealing Tab passes through the Cap making the sealing provision extremely tamper resistant (Twist-Tite Wire Seal shown).

Fas'N Tite Padlock Installed

No Key Needed to Install

Permanent Sealing Tab