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Barrel Lock Cleaning Tool

Extends Barrel Lock Service Life


The Inner-Tite Barrel Lock Cleaning Tool is a handy tool designed to remove dirt, debris, foreign matter, insect nests and rust from all Inner-Tite barrel locks. The tool is manufactured from lightweight aluminum and features a 2-in-1 cleaning tool. A sturdy 1/8" drill bit loosens and removes tough, packed-in debris and a stainless steel wire brush thoroughly cleans out the loosened debris. The Barrel Lock Cleaning tool extends barrel lock life by providing a means to regain lock functionality. Fits conveniently in your shirt pocket.

Barrel Lock Cleaning Tool

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Features and Benefits


• Lightweight aluminum construction
• Easy to use
• Thoroughly cleans barrel locks
• Knurled body and covers provide firm grip
• Crosshole for key ring
• Clip for shirt pocket

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Additional Barrel Lock Cleaning Tool Images

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The Barrel Lock Cleaning Tool features a 1/8" drill bit to loosen packed in dirt and debris.

The Wire Brush end cleans out loosened debris.

The Barrel Lock Cleaning Tool is user friendly and compact - fits right in your shirt pocket.

Remove Packed-in Dirt

Brush for Final Cleaning

Compact Design