The Inner-Tite Water Valve Locking Device protects 1/2" to 3/4" water
valves against tampering and unauthorized access

Inner-Tite Manufacturing Plant

Holden, MA - 13-Aug-10 - Inner-Tite Corp., manufacturer of security devices for electric, gas, water and telecommunications utility companies, introduces the Water Valve Locking Device. This heavy duty steel locking device was developed by Inner-Tite® to provide utility companies with a rugged means to secure water shut-off valves and protect them from tampering and damage. This innovative locking device gives water utilities a valuable tool to secure their distribution system, protect revenues, and enhance their shut-off and credit and collection procedures.

"This product posed a significant engineering challenge related to the large number of different valve configurations used by water utilities", states Inner-Tite® General Sales Manager Lee Holovnia. "The industry required a device to fasten securely over a wide variety of shut-offs. And, the need to install within a confined space, usually in a harsh environment one or two feet below grade, increased the complexity of this project. It's not a glamorous application but the overwhelming response from our utility customers tells us the end result is a spectacular achievement."

The Inner-Tite Water Valve Locking Device features heavy duty steel construction that has been specially plated to resist the corrosive effects of moisture and harsh environments. The one-piece shroud has been specially formed to produce rounded corners and eliminate seams and structural welds for superior strength and resistance to attack. The heavy duty shackle offers 9 different adjustment positions for easy installation on a variety of straight and 90 degree valves. The entire locking assembly has been case hardened to provide excellent resistance to hacksaws and common cutting tools. The Water Valve Locking Device is secured with a short length barrel lock which is a utility standard mechanism for securing metering locking devices.

Inner-Tite Corp. is proud to serve the utility industry through the design, manufacture and sale of innovative, premium quality mechanical security devices. Since 1932, Inner-Tite® has specialized in developing the highest quality products to serve the utilities industry. Inner-Tite® has long been recognized as the leading supplier of meter locking devices, meter seals and a host of mechanical accessories used widely by profit-driven utility companies to enhance and protect revenues. Inner-Tite® products make revenue protection and theft prevention duties easier, efficient and more effective. All Inner-Tite products are engineered and manufactured in the United States using domestic steel and components.

U.S. Patent 8,955,540

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