U.S. Patent 9,650,811 awarded to INNER-TITE for the Bottom-Mount Jiffy Lock

Inner-Tite Manufacturing Plant

2017- May 16 - Holden, MA - Inner-Tite Corp., manufacturers of security devices for utility companies, announces that the United States Patent and Trade Office has issued Patent Number 9,650,811 for an innovative high security meter locking device offering unique features that distinguish it from other ringless meter locking devices. The Bottom-Mount Jiffy Lock saves time with unmatched installation speed.

The exclusive bracket locks into position while keeping hands safely outside the meter enclosure. This new Jiffy Lock is extremely tough and rugged. It will effectively prevent or reveal theft and tampering with unsurpassed installation convenience that makes it ideal for disconnect work and AMI Installs. In addition, the Bottom-Mount Jiffy Lock offers preload convenience, permitting the installer to secure the device without the need for a key.

"More and more utility companies want convenience and speed of installation without
compromising safety and security." explains Inner-Tite General Sales Manager, Lee Holovnia. "It was a real challenge to develop a bottom mount device that not only installs faster, but also keeps the installers hands outside of the meter enclosure, while retaining the superior security customers expect from Inner-Tite. We achieved all of our goals with this new member of the Jiffy Lock family and the overwhelming response from our electric utility customers proves it was worth the effort!"

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