U.S. Patent 7,703,311 is awarded to INNER-TITE
for new Agbay Lock Contractor Key development

Inner-Tite Manufacturing Plant

Holden, MA - 16-Jun-10 - Inner-Tite Corp. manufacturers of security devices for electric, gas, water and telecommunications utility companies, announces the awarding of U.S. Patent number 7,703,311 for an innovative addition to their Agbay Barrel Lock & Key System. This development, known as the Agbay Contractor Key, allows any Agbay Barrel Lock to be installed in a compatible locking device using a key that will lock, but never unlock the device. It enables utility companies to restrict key circulation by dispensing install-only keys to contracted non-utility agents without sacrificing system security.

"Physical security is critical to the success of the 'Smart-Grid', states Inner-Tite General Sales Manager Lee Holovnia. "This innovation completes a time-proven Agbay product array enabling utility companies to perform a sweeping AMI conversion without the risk of future losses or some other breach in security caused by missing or unreturned keys. Given that each end point is a potential access point for hackers, the importance of this cannot be overstated. Not only does it protect the utility, it also improves altogether the security of the 'Smart-Grid' on a national level."

The Agbay Contractor program consists of the Agbay Contractor (install-only) key coupled with any Agbay barrel lock that is placed in the 'unlocked' position. Installation is as easy as installing the barrel lock into the locking device and locking the barrel lock with the contractor key. The Agbay Contractor program is extremely secure, easy to use and is compatible with every Agbay barrel lock, new or old. The Agbay barrel lock design remains unchanged therefore customers can rest assured they are using a proven lock with a 20 year history of field performance. If Agbay Contractor Key is ever lost or stolen, utility companies can rest assured the integrity of the lock and key system will never be in jeopardy. The Agbay Contractor program provides a standard of key security that utility companies have yet been able to achieve.

The Agbay Barrel Lock and Key System is a premium security disk style barrel lock. It features a patented disk design, multiple defenses against common and sophisticated methods of tampering. The Agbay Lock and Key System now offers 6 levels of exclusive lock combinations to every purchasing utility. This provides a large palate of lock and key configurations that can be customized to suit the individual needs of our customers. The Agbay Lock and Key System provides the ultimate in locking security and the most comprehensive solution for utility companies pursuing AMI. If effectively protects fixed assets and the critical data stream while preventing theft and reducing false tamper alarms and the added work-load associated with them.

INNER-TITE Corp. is proud to serve the utility industry through the design, manufacture and sale of innovative, premium quality mechanical security devices. Since 1932, INNER-TITE has specialized in developing the highest quality products to serve the utilities industry. INNER-TITE has long been recognized as the leading supplier of meter locking devices, meter seals and a host of mechanical accessories used widely by profit-driven utility companies to enhance and protect revenues. INNER-TITE products make revenue protection and theft prevention duties easier, efficient and more effective.

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