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Twist-Tite Wire Seal

High Security General Purpose Wire Seal


The Twist-Tite Wire Seal is an excellent general purpose wire seal. The Twist-Tite Wire Seal features a one-way ratchet mechanism which prevents the wire from being backed out. The clear acrylic body is engineered to reveal tampering attempts. The Twist-Tite is available in a variety of wire materials in lengths from 6 - 18 inches. Imprinting options are available on the body and insert.


All Inner-Tite meter seals are sold exclusively to utility companies and never to the general public.

Twist-Tite Wire Seal


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Features and Benefits


• No tools or assembly required
• Quick & easy installation
• Durable & tamper resistant
• Environmentally safe
• Insert available in 16 standard insert colors
• Choose from stainless steel, kevlar, and nylon coated wires
• Made of weather resistant acrylic
• Various imprinting options available
• Sold only to utility companies

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Additional Twist-Tite Images

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The Twist-Tite Wire Seal is an excellent general purpose wire meter seal offering superior resistance to tampering.

Plastic Tab on the Twist-Tite Body can be heat stamp imprinted for company identification and serial numbering.

The Twist-Tite Wire Seal is available with optional laser engraving on the insert face. This establishes a permanent link between the body and the insert.

Twist-Tite Wire Seal Installed

Heat Stamp Imprint

Optional Engraved Insert

The Twist-Tite Wire Seal is available with your choice of 16 standard insert colors.

Your Choice of Colored Inserts