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Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock

Secures 2" - 4" Curb Boxes from Unauthorized Access


The new Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock from Inner-Tite has been refined to provide even greater security against unauthorized access to gas and water curb box shut-off valves. The Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock features hardened locking claws that firmly grip the sidewalls of the curb box. Once locked in place, the locking device cannot be removed without the special key. This makes the new Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock ideal for use in shallow curb boxes where other devices can be manipulated by hand. The Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock Key for operating the device is sold separately.

U.S. Patent 7,870,867

Curb Box Locking Device


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Features and Benefits


• Heavy duty steel construction
• Exclusive design secures the device in the curb box

• Aggressive locking claws firmly grip the sidewalls of the curb box
• Ideal solution for securing shallow curb boxes
• Installs quickly and easily using the Grip-Tite Key
• Available in sizes to fit most 2 inch to 4 inch curb box sizes
• Specially plated components provide long term corrosion resistance

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Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock

The Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock is available in multiple sizes to accommodate most 2" - 4" curb boxes.

Aggressive claws secure the locking device in place.

Extension tubes are available for enhanced security.

Available in Multiple Sizes


Extensions Available