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Cowbell Lock

Secures Most 1" to 6" Lubricated Plug Valves


The Cowbell Lock is designed to secure most 1" to 6" lubricated plug valves. The Cowbell Lock features a solid one-piece housing that completely covers and protects the operating head of the valve. An adjustable stem and special cut-outs in the body accomodate various size valves. The contoured body is made of heavy gauge steel and is specially heat treated to resist cutting and tampering attempts done with ordinary tools.

Cowbell Lock


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Features and Benefits


• Heavy duty carbon steel construction
• Adjustable stem allows the installer to achieve optimal fit
• Steel completely covers the operating head of the valve
• Solid one-piece construction has no seams to invite prying
• Contoured design resists tampering attempts
• Special cut-outs in the housing accommodate various sized valves
• Secures ring style meter sockets
• Plated for corrosion resistance

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Additional Cowbell Lock Images

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The Cowbell Lock is a formidable opponent to tampering attempts on large volume industrial lubricated plug valves.

The special adjustable stem provides the installer with multiple positioning holes for a secure fit.

The Cowbell Lock is available with multiple cut-outs that can accommodate varying valve geometry to achieve the most secure fit.

Cowbell Lock Installed

Adjustable Stem

Multiple Cut-Outs