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Clam Shell Locking Device

Medium Security for Wingless Gas Valves


The Clam Shell Locking Device is designed to secure most 3/4" and 1" wingless style gas shut-off valves. Made of carbon steel, the Clam Shell Locking Device protects the gas valve from being opened, cut or tampered with. The Clam Shell Locking Device features a one-piece construction that completely encloses the valve providing excellent resistance against tampering. The entire locking assembly has been specially plated to provide corrosion resistance from harsh, moist environments.

Clam Shell Locking Device


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Features and Benefits


• Economical
• Carbon steel construction
• Completely encloses the gas valve
• Easy to install one-piece hinged assembly
• Available for 3/4" and 1" size gas valves
• Plated for corrosion resistance

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Additional Clam Shell Locking Device Images

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The Clam Shell Locking Device provides medium security protection against tampering and unauthorized opening.

The Clam Shell Locking Device features a one-piece hinged design for quick and easy installation.

The Clam Shell Locking Device completely encloses the gas valve providing excellent protection against tampering.

Clam Shell Lock Installed

Hinged for Installation Ease

Completely Encloses Valve