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Casket Lock

Secures Wing or Wingless Style Gas Shut-off Valves


The Casket Lock provides maximum security for most 3/4" and 1" wing or wingless, insulated or non-insulated gas shut-off valves. The two piece housing is manufactured from heavy gauge carbon steel for maximum strength. The housing interlocks and completely surrounds the gas valve. It is then bolted together and secured with a barrel lock providing a superior tamper resistant assembly. The Casket Lock is adjustable and can accommodate a variety of 3/4" and 1" valve sizes and configurations.

Casket Lock


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Features and Benefits


• Heavy duty carbon steel construction
• Tamper resistant design completely surrounds the valve assembly
• Assembly bolts together for maximum security
• Adjusts to fit most 3/4 to 1 inch valves
• Case hardened to resist cutting tools
• Specially plated for corrosion resistance
• Insulating bushings included to accommodate 3/4" valves
• Available with your choice of standard length Inner-Tite barrel lock

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Additional Casket Lock Images

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The Casket Lock completely surrounds the gas valve creating a secure, tamper resistant installation.

The two housing halfs are securly bolted together around the valve.

The Casket Lock is also available with larger cut-outs that can accommodate some 1-1/4" wingless style valves.

Completely Encloses Valve

Securely Bolts Together

Available for 1-1/4" Valves