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High Security Lock Box for Meter Room Keys


Access Lock Boxes from Inner-Tite ensure access to locked meter rooms without compromising security. The Access Lock Box is available configured for a general purpose padlock, standard or short length barrel lock or with a special cylinder lock and key. The carbon steel box includes a strong kink resistant chain and clip to secure the key to the Access Cover. The interior shelf holds the key when stored.

Access Lock Box


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Features and Benefits


• Controls access to locked meter rooms
• Room key is secured to the cover of the box
• Heavy duty carbon steel construction
• Contoured body resists tampering
• Available with your choice of lock mechanism
• Plated to resist weathering
• Optional logo imprint available

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The Access Lock Box securely stores the meter room key allowing access only to the utility personnel possessing the lock box key.

The Access Lock Box features a kink resistant chain and an internal storage shelf.

The Access Lock Box is available in a number of locking mechanism configurations including padlock, special cylinder lock, or barrel lock.

Access Lock Box

Product Features

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