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Universal Clear Plastic Meter Socket Cover

High Security Meter Blank for Ring and Ringless Meter Sockets


The Universal Plastic Meter Socket Cover is a high security meter blank for use when the meter is removed. This innovative cover blank contains critical design elements that offer improved security over meter covers offered by other manufacturers. The unique design fits both ring style and ringless style meter sockets. The Universal Meter Cover features a deep dish security ridge that provides enhanced protection against common tampering techinques. Made from high impact uv stabilized polycarbonate for superior durability and impact resistance. Available in clear or opaque gray color. Made in U.S.A.


U.S. Patent 8,927,861

Universal Plastic Meter Socket Cover

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Features and Benefits


• Made from high impact U.V. stabilized polycarbonate
• Universal design installs quickly and easily
• Fits ring and ringless style electric meter sockets
• Deep dish security ridge provides enhanced security over traditional covers
• Hexagonal flex ridge eases installation
• Choose from clear or opaque gray color

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Additional Universal Plastic Meter Socket Cover Images

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The Universal Meter Socket Security Cover is also available in opaque gray color.

The raised Security Ridge provides enhanced resistance to common tampering techinques.

Plastic Ringless Meter Cover

Hexagonal flex ridge allows the cover to snap into place, eliminating the need to align the cover with the socket lugs.

Opaque Gray Color

Deep Dish Design

Flex Ridge