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Stainless Steel Meter Locking Ring

High Security Meter Ring for Corrosive Environments


The Stainless Steel Meter Locking Ring is a one piece corrosion resistant meter locking ring. The entire assembly is made from stainless steel with no dissimilar metals making it an outstanding choice for harsh coastal environments. The Stainless Steel Meter Locking Ring is designed for easy installation and a long life at a lower cost than a typical carbon steel meter locking ring. The Stainless Steel Meter Locking Ring is available with your choice of standard or short length Inner-Tite barrel lock.

Stainless Steel Meter Locking Ring


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Features and Benefits


• Low cost and easy to install
• 100% stainless steel construction provides superior corrosion resistance
• Exclusive notched rear flange is superior to rear flanges with large cut-outs
• Specially engineered interlocking components eliminate the need for
    structural welds that can be compromised
• Secures most ring style electric meter sockets
• Available with Permanent Sealing Tab or Plastic Sealing Ferrule
• Available with standard or short length barrel lock

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Additional Stainless Steel Meter Locking Ring Images

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The Stainless Steel Meter Locking Ring provides superior corrosion resistant security at an extremely competitive price.

The exclusive notched rear flange eases installation and provides superior security compared to flanges with large cut-outs.

The integrated Permanent Sealing Tab passes through the housing resulting in a superior sealing provision (Clearseal shown).

Stainless Steel Ring Installed

Exclusive Flange Design

Permanent Sealing Tab