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Punching and Alignment Tool for Locking Devices


The Inner-Tite Punching Tool is designed to punch a 7/16" hole in the meter socket wall or cover. This enables proper installation of a wide variety of meter locking hardware such as the Fort Knox Locking Device. Templates are also available for punching holes in meter sockets to accommodate the Hasp and 90 Degree Bracket Lock Assemblies. The heavy duty Punching Tool is available insulated, non-insulated, and in a kit that includes a wrench, knock-out tool, and canvas bag.

Punching Tool


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Features and Benefits


• Heavy duty construction

• Hardened steel punch for long term performance
• Easy to use
• Plated to resist corrosion
• Punches 7/16" diameter hole
• Available in insulated or non-insulated versions
• Available separately or as a kit that includes insulated punch
   tool, wrench, knock-out tool and canvas bag

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Additional Punching Tool Images

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The Punching Tool is used to punch precise holes in the proper location for locking devices that require a hole for installation.

Templates are available to aid in positioning holes required for installing Hasp and 90 Degree Bracket Locks.

The Modified Greenlee Punch is used to punch a 7/8" diameter hole in the meter socket once the 7/16" is made with the Punching Tool.

Punching Tool in Use

Punching Templates

Modified Greenlee Punch