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Plastic Ringless Meter Socket Cover

High Security Meter Blank


The Plastic Ringless Meter Socket Cover is a high security meter blank for use when the meter is removed. This innovative cover blank contains innovative security features that make it vastly more secure than those offered by other manufacturers. A unique square rear flange prevents the cover blank from being pried out of the meter opening. In addition, the cover features a deep dish security ridge that prevents the cover from being pushed down into the meter socket. Available in clear or opaque gray color.


U.S. Patent 8,697,989

Plastic Ringless Meter Cover

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Features and Benefits


• Made from high impact U.V. stabilized polycarbonate
• Installs quickly and easily
• Square flange prevents forced removal through the enclosure opening
• Deep dish security ridge prevents the cover from being forced down into
   the meter socket during tampering attempts
• Reinforced blades securely engage the jaws of the meter socket
• Choose from clear or opaque dark gray color

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Additional Plastic Ringless Meter Socket Cover Images

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The Ringless Meter Socket Security Cover is also available in opaque gray color.

The raised Security Ridge prevents the cover from bring pushed into the meter socket.

Plastic Ringless Meter Cover

Heavy duty reinforced blades offer a secure fit.

Opaque Gray Color

Security Ridge

Reinforced Blades