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OneShot Meter Locking Ring

Low Cost Medium Security for AMI Meter Installations


The OneShot Meter Locking Ring is a low cost, medium security locking device to secure ring style meter installations. The OneShot Ring features a patented Break Pin and End Cap that easily snap together forming a secure and permanent union. No key is required to install the OneShot Ring, making it an ideal solution for utility companies using non-utility personnel for their AMI deployments. Manufactured from carbon steel or 300 series stainless steel, the OneShot Ring is shipped fully assembled and ready for installation.

U.S. Patent Number 6,406,074

OneShot Meter Locking Ring


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Features and Benefits


• Low cost medium security for AMI meter installations
• Carbon steel or 300 series stainless steel construction
• No tools required for installation
• Low profile tamper resistant design
• Secures ring style electric meter sockets
• OneShot Removal Key features easy, one-hand operation
• Locking ring is reusable
• Replacement Break Pins and End Caps available

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Additional OneShot Meter Locking Ring Images

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The OneShot Meter Locking Ring installs quickly and easily without the need for a key making it ideal for contractor installed AMI deployments.

The patented Break Pin and End Cap effortlessly snap together providing a secure permanent union. A special Removal Key is required to remove the OneShot Meter Ring.

The OneShot Key is used to remove the OneShot Ring by breaking the union of the Break Pin and End Cap.

OneShot Ring Installed

Break Pin and End Cap

OneShot Removal Key