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Mitey Locks

Secure Male Studs or Female Nuts Against Unauthorized Removal


Mitey Locks are used to secure a wide variety of metering devices and enclosures. Configured to replace male studs or female nuts, the Mitey Lock prevents unauthorized access at C.T. Cabinets, Test Switches, A-Base Meters, and anywhere screws or nuts are used. The threaded stud (or nut) of the Mitey Lock is protected by the cylindrical Mitey Lock body. The Mitey Lock body is designed to freely rotate around the stud or nut, thereby preventing removal of the device. Mitey Locks are available in 10 male stud sizes and 2 female stud sizes.

Mitey Locks

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Features and Benefits


• Heavy duty carbon steel construction
• Case hardened to resist cutting
• Tamper resistant design
• Accepts short length barrel lock
• Replaces ordinary screws and nuts to secure a variety of enclosures
• Custom size threads available
• Plated to resist corrosion

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Additional Mitey Lock Images

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Mitey Locks are very versatile and can be used in many different threaded screw and nut applications. (A-Base Meter shown)

The Mitey Lock body freely rotates to prevent removal of the protected screw or nut.

The Mitey Lock is also available in two female nut sizes.

Mitey Lock Installed

Security Features

Mitey Lock with Female Nut