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Fort Knox Gold Bar

High Security Locking Device for Ringless Style Gang Sockets

The Fort Knox Gold Bar is the ultimate high security locking device engineered to secure ringless style electric gang meter sockets. The Fort Knox Gold Bar features a modular design and, by adding extensions, can fit virtually any size meter enclosure. Additional components are available to further enhance its security and tamper resistance. The Fort Knox Gold Bar is case hardened to resist even the most rigorous attempts to cut it with ordinary household tools. Special plating resists the corrosive effects of the environment.

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Features and Benefits

• Highest security locking device for ringless gang meter sockets available
• Modular design can be extended to accommodate virtually any size socket
• Articulating ends allow for a combination of top, bottom, or side mounting
• Extensions, Center Supports, Channel Bridges available
• Case hardened steel construction resists cutting and sawing
• Specially plated to provide excellent corrosion resistance
• Available with your choice of Inner-Tite barrel lock

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Articulating Ends

The Gold Bar features articulating male and female ends. This provides the installer with the ability to install them on the top, bottom or side of the meter socket. This is of particular importance when the meter socket abuts another cabinet or wall.

Fort Knox Gold Bar - Security Enhancing Accessories

Gold Bar Extensions, in 17" and 25.5" lengths, easily snap together to accommodate virtually any size gang socket.
Center Supports are available to fortify the Gold Bar assembly.
Channel Bridges provide excellent reinforcement when installing tandem Fort Knox Gold Bar assemblies.
Center Support
Channel Bridge
Fort Knox Gold Bars (shown with added Center Supports & Channel Bridges) provide the highest security available in a locking assembly for ringless gang meter sockets.
The Ultimate Security Device for Ringless Gang Meter Sockets