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Flat Plate Locking Assembly

Secures Current Transformers and Other Metering Cabinets


The Flat Plate Locking Assembly from Inner-Tite is a low cost locking device designed to secure current transformers and a variety of other cabinets. Made of case hardened carbon steel, the Flat Plate Locking Assembly bolts through the cabinet to be secured and locks the enclosure with a barrel lock. Also available with an optional lock head protector.

Flat Plate Locking Assembly


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Features and Benefits


• Low cost medium security locking device
• Secures a wide variety of enclosures
• Heavy duty carbon steel construction
• Case hardened to resist cutting tools
• Specially plated for corrosion resistance

• Available with your choice of Inner-Tite barrel lock

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More Flat Plate Locking Assembly Images

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The Flat Plate Locking Assembly (shown with Lock Head Protector) is a low cost means to secure a variety of metering enclosures.

The Flate Plate Locking Assembly bolts through the enclosure base and a barrel lock is used to secure the assembly.

A Lock Head Protector with a Metal Sealing Ferrule provides an added layer of protection for the barrel lock as well as a secure sealing provision (Clearseal shown).

Flat Plate Lock Installed

Security Features

Lock Head Protector