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Clearseal Meter Seal

High Security Padlock Style Meter Seal


The Clearseal general purpose meter seal from Inner-Tite features a one piece assembly with a clear acrylic body. The clear body is designed to reveal any tampering attempt. The specially formulated acrylic insert is engineered to fracture with tampering. This provides the utility company with a clear indication that tampering has occurred. The Clearseal is available in 16 standard colors and with numerous imprinting options. The stainless steel loop provides maximum corrosion resistance.


All Inner-Tite meter seals are sold exclusively to utility companies and never to the general public.


Clearseal Meter Seal

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Features and Benefits


• One piece assembly
• 16 standard insert colors
• Tamper resistant design
• Clear body reveals tampering
• Insert is designed to fracture with tampering attempts
• Made of weather resistant acrylic
• Imprinting of logos and sequential numbering available
• Sold only to utility companies

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Additional Clearseal Images

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The Clearseal is an excellent choice as a first line of defense for any metering installation.

The Clearseal Insert is engineered to fracture when tampering is attempted. Although the insert is fractured, the seal remains secure.

In addition to the standard imprint options, a special bar code option is available.

Clearseal Installed

Security Features

Bar Code Option

The Clearseal is available with your choice of 16 standard insert colors.

Your Choice of Colored Inserts