Agbay Lock and Key System


Agbay Preload - U.S. Patent 7,775,071





The convenience of Preload
plus the unmatched security of the Agbay Lock and Key System


The Agbay Barrel Lock, long recognized as the highest security disk style barrel lock, is now available in a Preload Version. This patented feature allows the barrel lock to be placed in compatible locking devices in a “ready” position prior to field installation. The Agbay Preload Lock can then be fully installed in the locking device by simply pushing on it with your thumb or finger. No key is needed to install the barrel lock. This makes the Agbay Preload ideal for utility companies using contracted services where key distribution is undesirable, or who simply want to enhance control of their keys.


Agbay Preload in Rhino Ring

Agbay Preload gives you:

Agbay Preload in Jiffy Lock

• Fast, keyless installation
• Exclusive key combinations
• Multiple security levels
• Superior protection against picking & drilling
• Seamless integration into your existing
   Agbay Barrel Lock and Key System
• Peace of mind - the Agbay Lock design has
   performed flawlessly in the field for over 20 years


The Agbay Preload features a one of a kind patented cylinder assembly which gives it its unique preload capability. This makes the Agbay Preload the ideal high security locking solution for contractor deployments or service disconnects. With the premium security Agbay Preload Barrel Lock, meters are secured quickly and easily without a key.



The Agbay Lock and Key System is the most secure, user
friendly and versatile premium barrel lock and key system.