Agbay Lock and Key System


6 Security Levels - U.S. Patent 8,925,360





Six Security Levels Provide Premium
Security and Versatility


Each new Agbay Lock and Key System features six exclusive security levels. This provides a vast array of options for utility companies to easily accommodate multiple locking configurations as well as extend the viability of the entire Agbay Lock and Key System.


Inner-Tite guaranteed exclusivity eliminates typical concerns about keys from other utility companies being used in your system.

As many utility companies have already experienced with other barrel lock and key systems, keys can become lost, stolen or otherwise unaccounted for. This jeopardizes the security of the entire lock and key system. The Agbay System offers 6 lock levels allowing for seamless upgrades should the security of one level be compromised.


Every new Agbay Lock and Key System combination has six security levels built-in. The initial purchase level (Level 1) is designed to be opened by higher level keys. Level 1 keys will not operate higher level locks. This allows for a seamless security upgrade of Level 1 locks if it becomes necessary.


Level 6 Key - Opens level 1,2,3,4,5,6 Locks



Level 5 Key - Opens level 1,2,3,4,5 Locks



Level 4 Key- Opens level 1,2,3,4 Locks



Level 3 Key - Opens level 1,2,3 Locks



Level 2 Key- Opens level 1 & 2 Locks


Level 1 Key - Opens level 1 Locks only



The Agbay Lock and Key System features unprecedented versatility and can be customized to suit a utility company’s specific needs. For example, lock levels 2 through 6 feature the ability to be subdivided (see illustration below), thereby providing an enhanced palette of system configurations.



The exclusive multi-level upgrade features of the Agbay Lock and Key System will maintain higher levels of security for a greater length of time thereby protecting the integrity of the entire system and protecting revenues over the long term.


The Agbay Lock and Key System is the most secure, user
friendly and versatile premium barrel lock and key system.