Agbay Lock and Key System


Agbay Contractor Option - U.S. Patent 7,703,311





Inner-Tite's patented solution to issuing security keys to non-utility personnel


The Agbay Premium Security Barrel Lock is now available for contractor use. Utilities can purchase and dispense Agbay Barrel Locks specifically configured for installation by contracted agents without issuing security keys. The Agbay Contractor Key will lock, but never unlock, the Agbay Barrel Lock. This enables a broad choice of install options while protecting key security and the integrity of the entire barrel lock system.

Agbay Contractor Key

Agbay Contractor Advantages:


• The Agbay Contractor key is user friendly and durable

• Agbay Contractor keys lock the barrel lock but will never open the barrel lock

• Compatible with every Agbay Barrel Lock

• Provides a superior alternative to issuing security keys to non-utility
    contractor service personnel

• Extends the secure life of the barrel lock system

• Saves money - enables recycling of existing locking devices

• Enhances security - fewer security keys dispatched

• Peace of mind - the Agbay Lock design has performed flawlessly
   in the field for over 20 years

How the Agbay Contractor works:

       1) Remove the plastic cap from the Agbay Barrel Lock.
       2) Insert the Agbay Barrel Lock into the locking device.
       3) Secure the barrel lock using the Agbay Contractor key.

Agbay Contractor Option

The Agbay Lock and Key System is the most secure, user
friendly and versatile premium barrel lock and key system.