Inner-Tite Corp. is proud to serve the utility industry through the design, manufacture and sale of innovative, premium quality mechanical security devices. Since 1932, INNER-TITE has specialized in developing the finest products for Electric, Gas, Telecommunications and Water utilities companies.

Inner-Tite Products are Proudly Manufactured in the USA using Domestic Raw Materials.
Inner-Tite Manufacturing Plant

Inner-Tite Corp. offices and 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant are located on a ten acre site in the town of Holden in central Massachusetts. Inner-Tite designs, manufactures and markets top quality products using premium US raw materials and components. This commitment is a reflection of our dedication to American jobs and to the pride, diligence and skill of the American worker. We welcome our utility friends to visit us at any time to enjoy a tour of our manufacturing facilities. Come see how the Inner-Tite products utility companies depend on (and the specialty machines that produce them) are conceived, designed, engineered and made right here in America.

Inner-Tite Corp. is ISO-9001:2008 certified and maintains the highest quality control standards. Our complete in-house manufacturing operations include turning, stamping, forming, welding, finishing as well as multiple specialty operations and assembly processes. All operations are performed in an environmentally responsible manner with complete recycling of all materials, full process fluid reclamation, energy efficient motors and lighting, a strict zero discharge program and without the use of hazardous chemicals in process.

Steel Coils
Agbay Locks

INNER-TITE has long been recognized as the leading supplier of meter locking devices, meter seals and a host of mechanical accessories used by profit-driven utility companies to enhance and protect revenues. INNER-TITE products make revenue protection and theft prevention duties easier, efficient and more effective.

We are 100% committed to customer service and satisfaction. We give our customers complete access to all of our resources - engineering, manufacturing, sales, customer service - a total company wide commitment to help our customers find the best solution for a particular problem or special project.